Pest Control Treatments

Pest control treatments from $44.00


Pest control services at clients………

  • Home
  • Cafe’s
  • Restaurants
  • Body corporate common area’s
  • Body corporate town house complexes.

On first inspection of property with client discus any pest related problems and determine the best treatment methods for them.


General Pest control Treatments covers Internal area’s of home.

All perimeter area’s skirting boards in all accessible rooms including wardrobes and cupboards, Roof void, Sub floor, Garage.

General External Pest control treatments cover Surroundings of door frames, window frames, Weep holes, Patio, Garden shed, Garage, Carport.


Additional treatments are available for Gardens and lawn treatments.


Commonly asked questions before and after pest control Treatments.


  • Move as many items as possible away from skirting boards in rooms.
  • Have floors mopped and carpet vacuumed before treatment.
  • If you have problems with cockroaches in your kitchen cupboards remove all items.
  • Remove or cover up and seal any foods including pet bowls.
  • Remove or cover up birds and fish tanks.
  • After treatment leave Windows and doors open for ventilation. Treatments are generally very low odour & dry quickly depending on weather conditions.


For long term treatments of interior and exterior of property.

  • Keep home vacuumed and mopped regularly.
  • Do not leave food scraps or rubbish bins in home
  • do not leave unwashed dishes in dishwasher
  • do not leave pet food bowls around as this is a major attraction for Cockroaches & Rats and mice & ants.
  • Exterior of property remove and trim bushes trees minimum of 1 metre from home
  • do not leave timber or building materials next to home as this is a major attraction for Termite,s & Rats & Spiders .


End of rental lease Pest treatments

1 bedroom villa,s and duplexes complete interior treatment including flea,s



3/4 bedroom homes villa,s and duplexes Complete interior treatment including flea,s

$ 69.00


5 or more bedroom homes & double story homes

from $ 99.00